May 23 2014

Blender Mania – The End Of An Obsession

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It all started when my generations old blender finally died on us. This piece of Oster history was first purchased by my grandmother way back in the 70s and it has survived ever since, being passed down the generations, first to my Mom and then to me when I was in college. I always had a sentimental connection with this blender and never thought any other blender, no matter its performance or technology could trump my granny’s treasure.

blender-brandSo, the very next day started what my friends like to call my Blender Mania. At first it was all about replacing the Oster with an exact same replica, as close as possible to the old one with no care for whether it could perform like a blender ought to. This led me to look at current Oster models and I in fact got myself a really cheap Oster BRLY07-B. Although the control panel had buttons on it, the design was exactly like the one my Granny left me with. What a horrible choice that was. It performed worse than the old blender, always shutting down to cool the motor, never really able to grind more than a handful of ingredients together. I wonder what has happened to the Oster brand name?

Then I came across, a site that looked impressive, legit and trustworthy. I checked out all the blenders they had reviews on and to my astonishment, the Oster BRLY07-B was the worst rated product on their site. Well, seems these guys think like I do or at least that’s what I felt then and I decided to look at their best sellers. I got confused between Ninja, Vitamix and KitchenAid models. Moreover, looking at the price gave me a heart attack. Who pays over $400 for a blender? I began asking my friends and my family members like crazy, desperately craving for a smoothie or choco-shake from my blender. I knew if I wanted to enjoy my homemade drinks and concoctions any time soon, I had to make a decision within the week. My idea was to order two of the three shortlisted blenders and to retain the services of the best one while sending the other one off to my brother who did not have one.

In a week’s time, I had purchased an Oster, KitchenAid and a Vitamix! My friends called me crazy and that week was labelled my Blender Mania week. I even held a Blender Mania week competition between my friends to decide on who gets the Oster and ultimately decided on keeping the Vitamix for myself.

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