Apr 26 2016

Choosing Generic Bags Vs Branded Ones

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I recently had to buy a new vacuum sealer and I was amazed to see so many options. When I got my first sealer, there were just a few names out there. FoodSaver was a major name and everyone else was just a distant second to it. At the time, it was hard to come by generic bags that worked just as well as the FoodSaver bags. So, imagine my surprise when I realized that I could save a lot more by getting a sealer capable of handling generic bags and rolls.

This time around I settled for a brand new FoodSaver V3320. Yup, it is not the most advanced neither the most expensive but it was something that was close to what my previous model offered with the addition of generic bag compatibility.low-cost-vacuum-sealer

So, why should you choose generic bags as opposed to branded ones. Surely, those made exclusively for specific sealers will perform better and reduce wastage? While this is completely true, the fact remains that branded bags and rolls cost a lot more than generics. On top of that they are not always available from your local stores and you have to buy them mostly online.

One more thing, generic bags can work with any kind of vacuum sealer so long as they are certified compatible. So, if you end up with a few extra rolls or bags, you can give it to your friends and family. But with branded ones, you are stuck with what you buy if you don’t end up using them all.

Now, how do you choose generic bags. First and foremost, head out to various online retail shops selling vacuum sealers. Read reviews of your exact model and make and find out what experiments fellow buyers have done with generics. More often than not your choices become clear reading through the third or fourth review. Someone would have already tried a few brands of generic bags and they are the answer to your need.
I personally prefer bags to rolls as I don’t want to waste time cutting rolls up. So, what I do is buy three sizes of bags usually preferring the smaller size a lot more to the largest. This ways, I save on money and time together.

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May 23 2014

Blender Mania – The End Of An Obsession

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It all started when my generations old blender finally died on us. This piece of Oster history was first purchased by my grandmother way back in the 70s and it has survived ever since, being passed down the generations, first to my Mom and then to me when I was in college. I always had a sentimental connection with this blender and never thought any other blender, no matter its performance or technology could trump my granny’s treasure.

blender-brandSo, the very next day started what my friends like to call my Blender Mania. At first it was all about replacing the Oster with an exact same replica, as close as possible to the old one with no care for whether it could perform like a blender ought to. This led me to look at current Oster models and I in fact got myself a really cheap Oster BRLY07-B. Although the control panel had buttons on it, the design was exactly like the one my Granny left me with. What a horrible choice that was. It performed worse than the old blender, always shutting down to cool the motor, never really able to grind more than a handful of ingredients together. I wonder what has happened to the Oster brand name?

Then I came across Blenderbuzz.com, a site that looked impressive, legit and trustworthy. I checked out all the blenders they had reviews on and to my astonishment, the Oster BRLY07-B was the worst rated product on their site. Well, seems these guys think like I do or at least that’s what I felt then and I decided to look at their best sellers. I got confused between Ninja, Vitamix and KitchenAid models. Moreover, looking at the price gave me a heart attack. Who pays over $400 for a blender? I began asking my friends and my family members like crazy, desperately craving for a smoothie or choco-shake from my blender. I knew if I wanted to enjoy my homemade drinks and concoctions any time soon, I had to make a decision within the week. My idea was to order two of the three shortlisted blenders and to retain the services of the best one while sending the other one off to my brother who did not have one.

In a week’s time, I had purchased an Oster, KitchenAid and a Vitamix! My friends called me crazy and that week was labelled my Blender Mania week. I even held a Blender Mania week competition between my friends to decide on who gets the Oster and ultimately decided on keeping the Vitamix for myself.

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Feb 27 2014

Town of HHDS Workout Program

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Treadmill workouts come in a variety of forms with each one of them claiming to provide the most efficient calorie burning effects to its practitioners. However, it is essential that the treadmill users get an idea about the workouts that can be the most effective in helping them burn calories and make their body more fit at the same time without posing any risks of injuries. Once you browse around on sites like http://www.treadmillpros.com/. to find a treadmill for you home, or if you decide to go to the gym, you can read below. I have tried out the following 5 treadmill workouts, which have had an extremely positive effect on my overall fitness level.


  • Hill Intervals can be an extremely effective treadmill workout for gaining an extremely toned and strong lower portion of the body. Running on an inclined plane works wonder by burning both the legs and the lungs that definitely helps in enhancing the overall fitness level of the runner. The workout consists of starting out slowly and then gradually increasing the speed and the incline of the running plane. This helps in slowly upping tempo and then keeping it up to cause intense burning of calories in the runner. The exercise culminates in the runner gradually slowing down to the rest level.
  • Treadmill Tabata is another killer treadmill workout, which consists of eight rounds of high intensity workouts lasting for 20 seconds periods interjected by 10-second rest periods. The idea is to perform exercise to one endurance level within the 20-second period and then cool down for the next rest period before again exercising at the peak of endurance level. The high intensity workout helps in burning high amount of calories while the rest period is perfect for cooling down.
  • Upper Body strengthening should be part of top treadmill workouts because most of the time users tend to focus upon their lower body while using this equipment. Users can combine their treadmill with a pair of dumbbells to take care of their entire body at a time. They can alternatively run and use the dumbbells to perform various upper body workouts such as chest press and triceps kickbacks.
  • Agility training is another top workout that users can try on the treadmills. By trying out various exercises such as butt kicks and high knees while keeping the treadmill at the lowest speed, users can greatly increase their speed and agility. Users only need to be cautious for the first few times they try these exercises out, and can greatly increase agility in all parts of their body.
  • Top treadmill workout ought to include full-body workouts because the treadmill can help its users in following a full-body fitness routine. Users use the treadmill for jogging and sprinting purposes, but they can also perform anything from split squats, and lunges to pushups while using this equipment.

Thus, the top 5 treadmill workouts can be extremely effective in helping the users in improving their overall fitness and endurance level. I discovered it benefits myself, and strongly recommend it to others.

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Oct 28 2013

Robotic Vacuums? YES

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I have always been an avid fan of science fiction movies and stories, and especially those where intelligent robots do all the jobs on the behalf of their masters. Therefore, I was practically over the moon when I laid my hands on one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners that are there in the market. The experience of using the iRobot vacuum cleaner has been one of sheer pleasure with the novelty taking long to wear off. The iRobot vacuum cleaner model that I acquired uses a 3-stage cleaning process, which I have found to be extremely efficient for cleaning a large variety of surfaces. The surfaces range from carpets, tiles, and hardwood to linoleum floors without any sort of difficulties in managing each of the floor types. The robot vacuum cleaner accomplishes this by adjusting itself automatically to different surfaces without requiring any extra effort on my part.

robotic-onfloorMy robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a number of excellent and well thought-out features that helps in increasing its versatility to the maximum. The advanced cleaning head makes it possible for me to get rid of the hair, dander, excess dirt, and allergens that come as a part of owning pets. Thus, I find my robot vacuum cleaner to be the ideal cleaning device for any pet owner. This also makes me in keeping my house clean with a single vacuum cleaner, and negates the need of owning a separate pet vacuum cleaner to get rid of the clingy hair and dander. My vacuum cleaner produces powerful vacuum force to pull the pet hair and debris that are extremely sticky into the vacuum bin with greater effectiveness. The presence of an advanced AeroVac Series vacuum bin make it more effective in packing the hair and dirt into it while minimizing the chances of their exposure to the outside.

My iRobot vacuum cleaner has also made the interior of my house much more fresh and healthy because of its dual HEPA air filters, which are capable of capturing dirt particles that have diameter as low as 0.3 microns. Thus, the air inside my house remains fresher and healthier while also effectively removing the various allergens with this feature being extremely beneficial to me since I am a pet owner. My iRobot vacuum cleaner also allows me to reach those areas in my house, which I would otherwise be hard-pressed to access. Thus, I can now reach those crevices and narrow spaces between furniture and give them a good old-fashioned elbow grease with the help of the persistent pass cleaning method in my cleaner.

My iRobot vacuum 770 cleaner packs in a number of other features that makes the entire cleaning process a breath, quite literally. This robot cleaner charges itself by going back to its home dock also does not cross an infrared beam from Auto Virtual Wall barriers to remain in a room. My robot cleaner has also adapted its movements to my house interiors and it focuses more on the areas that are usually the dirtiest with the aid of its iAdapt Technology. Thus, I have found my experience with my iRobot vacuum cleaner to be extremely rewarding.

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Aug 05 2013

Buying kitchen faucets in HHDS on a budget

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Kitchen faucets can be the ideal way of adding some elegance to the kitchen space without necessarily breaking the bank. Kitchen faucets are available from a large number of manufacturers with a variety of features and design, and each of them claiming to be the best in the market. The kitchen space can be quite effective in adding to the overall décor of the house interiors and the kitchen faucets are a nice way to start at that. The buyers can choose from a wide range of collection depending on their requirements, aesthetics and above all, budget.

There are a ton of sites on the internet that can help you find the faucet you need, we suggest browsing over to sites like http://www.kitchenfaucetdivas.com. The price of the kitchen faucet is an effective marker regarding its quality but it is not the only one, and the price can vary for a number of factors apart from the faucet’s functionality. The buyers need to decide upon the type of faucet that they wish to buy for their kitchen. The kitchen models are available in a number of variants including the one handle canter faucet, two-handle center faucet, and the widespread faucet with separate installation for the cold water and hot water valve.

The buyers need to make a number of wise decisions while buying kitchen faucets on a budget. They need to consider buying the sink and faucet together because this would help then in averting a lot of headaches in the future. They also need to decide upon the features that they wish their kitchen faucet to sport. The plastic faucets come at a cheaper price but last only a fraction of what the steel and brass made ones do. Thus, the buyers must decide upon whether they wish to buy faucets that would last longer by paying a little more. The finish of the kitchen faucet refers to its surface coating, which plays an important role in deciding its longevity. Therefore, buyers must consider the type of finish they wish their faucet to have since it affects the price of the product with PVD and chrome finishes lasting long.

Faucets in various price ranges are available from most of the leading faucet makers. Buyers can browse the website of these makers or that of the popular shopping portals to gain an idea about the models available within their budget in the market. They can even avail a number of deals and offers available on many of these sites. Thus, a judicious mix of knowledge regarding the faucet types, and where to look for them can help people in buying kitchen faucets on a budget.

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May 31 2013

Waring Health Juicers for HorseHead

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The recent growth in popularity of the kitchen juicer has its roots in the way we live our lives; we have become used to eating healthily and making sure we look after our bodies, and juice is something that is very good all round.

This is why the Waring Pro juicer is preferred by many; a superbly designed and specified range of top quality juicers, this selection is one of the best on the market and offers great quality with excellent functions alongside very fair prices and superb looks. A juicer in the kitchen is, to some, the height of convenience, and being able to produce fresh juice in a matter of seconds something that you will never live without once you try it!

warning juicers

Waring PJE401 Juice Extractor

an ingenious machine that is absolutely typical of the Waring range, this one is a superbly designed model that offers great capability and space age looks yet is priced at just $174.38, with delivery included; very good value for such a high quality item. A similar juicer to check out of the juicer listed on this website.

• Suitable for fruit and vegetables
• Stainless steel blade
• Comes apart for cleaning
• 12 inches high
• Powerful motor

We love the looks of this superb model as much as the wonderful juice it produces, and it is priced to challenge many more expensive models.

Waring PCJ2 Citrus Juicer

this stainless steel model is refreshingly simple and yet is very advanced in terms of design; at just $83.31 delivered it is also very good value, and no kitchen should be without one!

• Heavy duty metal base
• Rubber feet for less vibration
• Dishwasher safe
• Suitable for all fruits
• High performance

Stylish and neat, this model is a mainstay of the Waring range and one of the best priced juicers on the market today.

Waring Health Juice Extractor

this basic model is designed for those who simply need their daily fix of beautiful juice, and at a price of just $52.86 – that includes delivery – there is no reason why any home should not invest in one of these excellent machines or the similar juicer here: http://www.juicerreviewsdirect.com/breville-je98xl-review/

• 400 watts
• Stainless steel
• Dishwasher safe
• Pulp collector
• Manufacturer warranty

Simple and straightforward, this may be all you need in a juicer, and at the price it is very hard to find anything else to match it.

As kitchen implements go, it is difficult to fault a Waring Pro juicer; superbly efficient, easy to use, great to look at and affordable – every box is ticked with this wonderful range of impressive and useful juicers. We think the three chosen give a good idea of what is on offer from this very good brand.

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May 08 2013

Town of HHDS Security

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A significant trend which has joined the hunting and game world is the use of a game digital camera to supplement the essential gear which any hunter requires. A game digital camera like the M80-XT can be applied to scout just about any region at any sort of time within the year to help you know where the game is at all the times. A basic game camera could record the image on one SD card which can easily transfer images to the desktop or perhaps a laptop computer. You will find that many of the higher end cameras feature the capability to download pictures remotely to your PC so you don’t actually need to leave your residence to view the pictures.

Buying a brand new game digital camera for deer hunting or perhaps bear hunting is definitely an important thing to consider if you’re into hunting game. Of course they come with a hefty price tag, but most hunters will tell you that it’s definitely worth every penny. Dark or blurry photographs won’t do you any anything when it comes to capturing pictures of wildlife.

The Benefits of a game camera…

Among the benefits associated with choosing a scouting digital camera is the fact that a traditional flash is certainly not going to work when you taking sneaky pictures of deer. If you were to use a traditional flash, you risk scaring off just about any wildlife that is in the area. The flash may also create a very loud sound and could alarm nearby animals.

When purchasing a game camera it is important to choose one with enough resolution. A digital camera that takes low resolution photos would not give a full sufficient image of the animal and will not offer and information on the types of game that roam the area. The higher up the resolution of a digital camera, the more costly it will be. Bottom line is, if you want to take clear and silent pictures of wildlife, be ready to spend some cash. Many hunters are stuck between choosing a flash camera or an infrared camera. The choice should really come down to what purpose the camera will be used for. It’s a good idea to read a few game camera reviews before buying one. If you need to see precisely what animals live where, you need a game or trail camera.  If you don’t want to risk scaring away animals and want an image at the highest quality, then the IR camera is what we recommend.

A large number of good game cameras today are going to have some type of theft deterrent system and locking strategy in order to lock the camera to a nearby tree. Sadly, one of the primary problems with game cameras is that they may not come with a simple way to mount it.

Hunting game might be the main reason people purchases these cameras but there are many other uses for them.

Game cameras are a great addition to any hunter’s hunting gear these days. They make life easier because you always have a good idea of where the action is. Once you get used to using them, they will provide pleasure for years to come. I hope this short article has helped our readers understand why you might want a game digital camera or perhaps what to look for when researching one. If you need to see a variety of all of the different companies that sell these cameras, we suggest checking out some reviews.

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May 01 2013

Yard Work – EGH!

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With plenty to do around our recently purchased premises, we’ve been struggling to find volunteers who are up to the task. Luckily, Jay (our senior manager) went out into the streets and asked people if they had a handy job with using backyard tools. We are aware that good help was hard to find. But we put him on a mission. Jay is usually good with people and talking then into things. He past word experience is from car sales, so we knew he was the right person for the job. He came back with four trusty volunteers who have helped us to clear out the whole garden. It’s also important to mention that our backyard equipment has all been donated thanks to a local non-profit organization. They are an Australian based company who review some of the latest products on the market. See the website at http://www.mowerreviewspro.com/reel-mower-reviews/. Their main purpose is to help general consumers and homeowners to get the most from their purchases, through reading unbiased reviews on their site. Currently, their most popular category is their mower reviews, although they do attract several thousands of visitors each and everyday. So, first and foremost, thanks to (business we were asked not to mention) for being so supportive of our case and our organization and donating a Fiskars 6201. We are non-profit as well and we appreciate all the help we can get. In return, we promised to host a BBQ this next summer to show our appreciation as well as a way for everyone to get to know each other better.

So, our four trusty volunteers have gone ahead and done everything to the garden that we could have wanted. Jay couldn’t have found four more dedicated volunteers! They have cut the grass, cut down the bushes, trimmed the bushes and even designed the bushes into something more beautiful looking. Jenny, one of the volunteers is actually an artist, and immediately said yes when we offered her the chance to style and create something awesome out of the hedges. Again, thanks for the donated hedge trimmer! Daniel was extremely useful with the lawn mower. And, Jason did a great job of cutting through the wood we had. Speaking of wood, be sure to check out this set of chainsaw reviews if you have time – their really handy!

So that’s it for our blog post. It may not have been the most interesting post, but we wanted to get the word out and say thanks to our four amazon volunteers and thanks to the (non-profit we will not mention)! Stay tuned for future content! Much love!

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Jan 20 2013

Pressure Washers – Hot Water Or Cold Water?

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Pressure washers have become extremely popular because of their ability to get rid of the most elusive of dirt and grime from the most troublesome cracks and crevices in the wall or on the floor. They are also popular in the industrial sector for removing various dirt and oily layers from the surface of metals. However, the pressure washers are available in two fundamental designs and users need to make a choice between these two. These two designs are the cold water pressure washers and the hot water pressure washers.

The buyer needs to make an early decision regarding the type of pressure washer they wish to acquire because this is only the first step in the buying process. You can find reviews sites like www.pressurewashercritics.com if you want to read more before you buy one. They also need to make a decision regarding the fuel type for the pressure washer and the degree of mobility of these devices. However, the decision regarding the temperature of the water coming out of the pressure washer depends on a number of factors. Both the types have their own unique advantages that make them perfect for certain specific applications. The buyers need to base their decision on the nature of their requirement and the kind of work they envisage the pressure washer to perform for them.

The electric cold water pressure washers are ideal for scenarios, which require them to remove dirt from a variety of surfaces. They are perfect for removing caked-on dirt from floors and fences. The water jet is extremely effective in removing mud and grimes that seems to cling onto the surface of various wooden materials. They are perfect for removing loose paints from the surface of wooden fences or even furniture for repainting them. They run on a variety of fuel types with the ones running on gas or electricity being the perfect ones for indoor use. However, the cold water pressure washers are not suited for removing any sort of oily layers or grease from any surface. The problem with cold water is that it moves the oil around and does not remove it efficiently and effectively. However, hot water has the capacity to cut through the oil and grease and remove them effectively in quick time.

The hot water pressure washers have become popular among those who need to remove oily or greasy layers from any surface. The jet of hot water generating from the nozzle of these pressure washers are extremely effective in removing any oil, grime or grease form a variety of surfaces. The hot water pressure washers can use different fuel sources such as diesel, fuel oil, propane or natural gas to heat the water and push it out in the form of a water jet. Therefore, buyers need to decide about the type of pressure washer that they wish to buy depending on their requirements.

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Dec 10 2012

Well, It’s Time to Upgrade Our Yard

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Well, it’s that time of the year again for the Town of HHDS that cleaning up your yard can be a struggle and and overall difficult task.  We sent our intern out to pick up some power yard tools so we can get our property cleaned up. Specifically, we needed a new hedge trimmer and a new string trimmer. She found a pretty good string trimmer that we’re looking into. Since we have what to look for in these types of power tools, I figured I would post it on our blog to get some feedback.

Here is a review we found online. Please let me know what you all think.

We found that many people have recommended the toro 51486. The product has been very in demand for years.  Of course, you do not just want to rely on these comments. As much as possible, you need to know if this string trimmer is actually the right product you are looking for.

One of the best things about using this trimmer is that it comes with lightweight features. This is perfect for customers who are looking for an easy-to-handle tool. This feature of the product also ensures that with experience or not, you can use the item easily. In addition to that, the string also works very fine and chopping grass. This is different from the other string trimmer you can find on the internet that have strings which easily malfunction. The battery is also easy to charge, which is an added advantage on your part. We found that the battery life lasts longer than the usual trimmers which will allow you to use the toro 51486 for a long period of time, up to three to five hours actually. We suggest you look into the The metal parts of the product are also good for long lasting use. So if you are looking for a strong and durable string trimmer, this is a trimmer that you might want to take a second look at. Though some customers think that this is an expensive product, you have nothing to worry about. The price is well compensated in terms of it’s features.

  • This comes with 24 volts and extra 25% more energy.
  • In addition to that, this also comes with lithium battery which is longer than the usual.
  • This also comes with trimmer to edger fast conversion technology.
  • The handle is highly adjustable.
  • Can be charged for as short as 3 to 5 hours.

If you are looking for highly functional and versatile string trimmer, this might be what your looking for.

Well, tell us what you think. There are so many positive reviews you can find in the internet about this string trimmer that you can get an idea of how happy we might be with it.

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Dec 04 2012

No Parking in Town of Horseheads

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No Parking in Town of Horseheads

Horseheads, NY- The Horseheads Town Board announced today they will begin enforcing the parking ban which was passed into law a year ago. The Board has determined it is in the best interest of town residents to make the streets as safe as possible during the winter season. The ban, which prohibits parking on all town streets from November 1st to April 30th, was enacted to provide better access for snow removal vehicles and emergency personnel during winter weather events. “Safety is our primary goal,” said Michael Edwards, Town of Horseheads Supervisor. “It is not our intent to harass residents. We are hoping residents will use their best judgment and move vehicles when inclement weather is predicted. It is really a matter of common sense; if the forecast calls for winter weather, don’t park on the roads.”

The ban includes all town and state roads in the Town of Horseheads, but does not include the Village of Horseheads or Elmira Heights which have their own parking restrictions. The Town received many complaints to the ban last year and held several public meetings where residents expressed their concerns. When examining some of the alternatives the Board felt banning parking during the late night hours or only when it is snowing would not serve the intended purpose. “We need residents to be mindful of the conditions, if there is a chance for inclement weather; do not park in the roadway,” said Edwards.

Town of Horseheads Highway Superintendent Kevin Smith and Fire Chief Ben Colwell of the Town & Country Fire Department both support the parking ban. “This law enhances our ability to respond to emergencies during inclement weather,” said Chief Colwell. “In many instances, we have a difficult time threading fire and rescue apparatus through already narrow streets which are further narrowed by snow and by vehicles parked on the streets. Removal of the vehicles parked on the street hastens response time and, in effect, makes possible safer emergency response and therefore, a safer community,” added Colwell.

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Sep 04 2012

What is the average price of an Engagement Ring?

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Once the decision to propose to your girlfriend has been made the next trying question is what kind of ring are you going to present to her?  On average, particularly for a diamond engagement ring, jewelry stores sell their engagement rings for roughly $4000.  The same could be said for many of the cheaper Cartier Engagement Rings. Ultimately what you are able to spend is going to determine what you will spend on an engagement ring and if you go away from a diamond ring then that could mean your average price could drop closer to $1500.  The diamond ring is the standard by which many live by but there are certainly other options out there.

Resused from His and Hers Wedding BandsA true average price for an engagement ring is hard to pin down since there are many factors to the actual ring itself.  For example, the style of cut determines what type of price you will have to pay and the size of the diamond.  Wholesale Emerald cut engagement rings can see an average cost that is much higher than the $4000 price because there are numerous sizes available including some that are near six carats and cost close to $100,000.  The same can be said about cushion cut engagement rings (info from http://www.creative-occasions.com/cushion-cut-engagement-rings/) as they too range greatly depending on what type of cut is used.  With both diamond ring cuts there is also the different clarity and what type if any flaws the diamond has.  Ultimately you have to look at your own budget and what type of engagement ring you are looking for but be prepared and pay attention to what you are buying because this is an investment for the future.

Emerald cut engagement rings are so named by its original intended use which would be for the emerald, but it does work well on the diamond as well.  Length and width are important in order to have a fine looking cut stone that is rather sophisticated and accented by tImage from creative-occasions.comrim lines.  Though not as brilliant as the round cut it still can have flashes of light with its elegant long lines.  Emerald cut engagement rings can also have accents on each side much like the round, but with the emerald cut is much more economical than the round.  As well as the emerald cut there are cushion cut engagement rings which were originally designed to catch the candlelight.  Cushion cut engagement rings were the first to appear since it was the only way to cut the diamond by hand.  The 58 facets give cushion cut engagement rings a brilliance that many other cuts cannot match.  When deciding on either cushion cut engagement rings or emerald cut engagement rings make sure to check for a certificate from either GIA or EGL.

An engagement ring centered more around the metal than the stone are the rose gold engagement rings.  Rose gold engagement rings have a variety of stones to choose from; of course which stone or stones you choose will determine the price.  Different shapes and sizes are also available with the best rose gold engagement rings.

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Aug 21 2012

Grand Children and Coupons

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I wanted to dedicate my first post to my grandmother.  She is an expert in saving money and regularly contributes to a few blogs such as this website. She has been online blogging for many years and I know that she knows what she’s talking about.  I thought it would be a nice treat for my viewers and include her on my website. Her latest post in about how saved money on my last Christmas present by using a fans edge promo code.  Feel free to click the link to view it.  I think it’s important to note that her views and hers and hers only and doesn’t necessarily reflect my own.

Hey there little ones. At least I am pretty sure most of you all are little ones. I hope you are all having a lovely day in the Town of Horseheads and that you are being mindful to call your grandmothers. I just had the loveliest visit from my two grandsons this weekend and let me tell you they are just angels. I gave them a little treat; you know just a little money to let them buy what they want. They thought that they couldn’t afford anything with what I gave them uphoto from ntb oil change couponsntil I gave them a few coupons to go along with their cash. I tell you it’s amazing what the addition of a coupon can do they went from being disappointed about not being able to buy anything to being confused about what to actually get. When I was a little girl we simply cut coupons out of the paper and that’s how we got our savings but today there is just so much you can do just from your computer. In fact, I found a new host gator coupon when I started hosting my personal blog.

I am not as young as I used to be so I don’t get around a lot outside of the occasional drivesaving money here and there or a few walks around the mall.  So after I showed my grandsons the wonders of coupons they showed me how to find a lot more. I think I really got them into saving with coupons. They got me all kinds of things from a lovely really good stuff coupon code to overstock promo codes. Some of the stuff I didn’t even need a coupon for. Lovely boys though and I do enjoy their enthusiasm.

When everyone wanted dinner they even found a nice pizza hut coupon code to help us save on what we were ordering, and one used his money along with a Patagonia promo code to get a nice set of new stuff. I tell you no matter how old you get you can never pass up the use of a good coupon. They may not seem like much but when you count up everything you have saved you will realize that you ended up saving a good amount of money. You can take that money and save it for a rainy day or do something a little fun with it like go on a little shopping spree or even get something for your grandma. I’ve been using coupons since I was a little girl and I have not regretted it since.

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