Apr 26 2016

Choosing Generic Bags Vs Branded Ones

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I recently had to buy a new vacuum sealer and I was amazed to see so many options. When I got my first sealer, there were just a few names out there. FoodSaver was a major name and everyone else was just a distant second to it. At the time, it was hard to come by generic bags that worked just as well as the FoodSaver bags. So, imagine my surprise when I realized that I could save a lot more by getting a sealer capable of handling generic bags and rolls.

This time around I settled for a brand new FoodSaver V3320. Yup, it is not the most advanced neither the most expensive but it was something that was close to what my previous model offered with the addition of generic bag compatibility.low-cost-vacuum-sealer

So, why should you choose generic bags as opposed to branded ones. Surely, those made exclusively for specific sealers will perform better and reduce wastage? While this is completely true, the fact remains that branded bags and rolls cost a lot more than generics. On top of that they are not always available from your local stores and you have to buy them mostly online.

One more thing, generic bags can work with any kind of vacuum sealer so long as they are certified compatible. So, if you end up with a few extra rolls or bags, you can give it to your friends and family. But with branded ones, you are stuck with what you buy if you don’t end up using them all.

Now, how do you choose generic bags. First and foremost, head out to various online retail shops selling vacuum sealers. Read reviews of your exact model and make and find out what experiments fellow buyers have done with generics. More often than not your choices become clear reading through the third or fourth review. Someone would have already tried a few brands of generic bags and they are the answer to your need.
I personally prefer bags to rolls as I don’t want to waste time cutting rolls up. So, what I do is buy three sizes of bags usually preferring the smaller size a lot more to the largest. This ways, I save on money and time together.

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