Aug 21 2012

Grand Children and Coupons

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I wanted to dedicate my first post to my grandmother.  She is an expert in saving money and regularly contributes to a few blogs such as this website. She has been online blogging for many years and I know that she knows what she’s talking about.  I thought it would be a nice treat for my viewers and include her on my website. Her latest post in about how saved money on my last Christmas present by using a fans edge promo code.  Feel free to click the link to view it.  I think it’s important to note that her views and hers and hers only and doesn’t necessarily reflect my own.

Hey there little ones. At least I am pretty sure most of you all are little ones. I hope you are all having a lovely day in the Town of Horseheads and that you are being mindful to call your grandmothers. I just had the loveliest visit from my two grandsons this weekend and let me tell you they are just angels. I gave them a little treat; you know just a little money to let them buy what they want. They thought that they couldn’t afford anything with what I gave them uphoto from ntb oil change couponsntil I gave them a few coupons to go along with their cash. I tell you it’s amazing what the addition of a coupon can do they went from being disappointed about not being able to buy anything to being confused about what to actually get. When I was a little girl we simply cut coupons out of the paper and that’s how we got our savings but today there is just so much you can do just from your computer. In fact, I found a new host gator coupon when I started hosting my personal blog.

I am not as young as I used to be so I don’t get around a lot outside of the occasional drivesaving money here and there or a few walks around the mall.  So after I showed my grandsons the wonders of coupons they showed me how to find a lot more. I think I really got them into saving with coupons. They got me all kinds of things from a lovely really good stuff coupon code to overstock promo codes. Some of the stuff I didn’t even need a coupon for. Lovely boys though and I do enjoy their enthusiasm.

When everyone wanted dinner they even found a nice pizza hut coupon code to help us save on what we were ordering, and one used his money along with a Patagonia promo code to get a nice set of new stuff. I tell you no matter how old you get you can never pass up the use of a good coupon. They may not seem like much but when you count up everything you have saved you will realize that you ended up saving a good amount of money. You can take that money and save it for a rainy day or do something a little fun with it like go on a little shopping spree or even get something for your grandma. I’ve been using coupons since I was a little girl and I have not regretted it since.

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