Dec 04 2012

No Parking in Town of Horseheads

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No Parking in Town of Horseheads

Horseheads, NY- The Horseheads Town Board announced today they will begin enforcing the parking ban which was passed into law a year ago. The Board has determined it is in the best interest of town residents to make the streets as safe as possible during the winter season. The ban, which prohibits parking on all town streets from November 1st to April 30th, was enacted to provide better access for snow removal vehicles and emergency personnel during winter weather events. “Safety is our primary goal,” said Michael Edwards, Town of Horseheads Supervisor. “It is not our intent to harass residents. We are hoping residents will use their best judgment and move vehicles when inclement weather is predicted. It is really a matter of common sense; if the forecast calls for winter weather, don’t park on the roads.”

The ban includes all town and state roads in the Town of Horseheads, but does not include the Village of Horseheads or Elmira Heights which have their own parking restrictions. The Town received many complaints to the ban last year and held several public meetings where residents expressed their concerns. When examining some of the alternatives the Board felt banning parking during the late night hours or only when it is snowing would not serve the intended purpose. “We need residents to be mindful of the conditions, if there is a chance for inclement weather; do not park in the roadway,” said Edwards.

Town of Horseheads Highway Superintendent Kevin Smith and Fire Chief Ben Colwell of the Town & Country Fire Department both support the parking ban. “This law enhances our ability to respond to emergencies during inclement weather,” said Chief Colwell. “In many instances, we have a difficult time threading fire and rescue apparatus through already narrow streets which are further narrowed by snow and by vehicles parked on the streets. Removal of the vehicles parked on the street hastens response time and, in effect, makes possible safer emergency response and therefore, a safer community,” added Colwell.

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