Jan 20 2013

Pressure Washers – Hot Water Or Cold Water?

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Pressure washers have become extremely popular because of their ability to get rid of the most elusive of dirt and grime from the most troublesome cracks and crevices in the wall or on the floor. They are also popular in the industrial sector for removing various dirt and oily layers from the surface of metals. However, the pressure washers are available in two fundamental designs and users need to make a choice between these two. These two designs are the cold water pressure washers and the hot water pressure washers.

The buyer needs to make an early decision regarding the type of pressure washer they wish to acquire because this is only the first step in the buying process. You can find reviews sites like www.pressurewashercritics.com if you want to read more before you buy one. They also need to make a decision regarding the fuel type for the pressure washer and the degree of mobility of these devices. However, the decision regarding the temperature of the water coming out of the pressure washer depends on a number of factors. Both the types have their own unique advantages that make them perfect for certain specific applications. The buyers need to base their decision on the nature of their requirement and the kind of work they envisage the pressure washer to perform for them.

The electric cold water pressure washers are ideal for scenarios, which require them to remove dirt from a variety of surfaces. They are perfect for removing caked-on dirt from floors and fences. The water jet is extremely effective in removing mud and grimes that seems to cling onto the surface of various wooden materials. They are perfect for removing loose paints from the surface of wooden fences or even furniture for repainting them. They run on a variety of fuel types with the ones running on gas or electricity being the perfect ones for indoor use. However, the cold water pressure washers are not suited for removing any sort of oily layers or grease from any surface. The problem with cold water is that it moves the oil around and does not remove it efficiently and effectively. However, hot water has the capacity to cut through the oil and grease and remove them effectively in quick time.

The hot water pressure washers have become popular among those who need to remove oily or greasy layers from any surface. The jet of hot water generating from the nozzle of these pressure washers are extremely effective in removing any oil, grime or grease form a variety of surfaces. The hot water pressure washers can use different fuel sources such as diesel, fuel oil, propane or natural gas to heat the water and push it out in the form of a water jet. Therefore, buyers need to decide about the type of pressure washer that they wish to buy depending on their requirements.

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