Feb 27 2014

Town of HHDS Workout Program

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Treadmill workouts come in a variety of forms with each one of them claiming to provide the most efficient calorie burning effects to its practitioners. However, it is essential that the treadmill users get an idea about the workouts that can be the most effective in helping them burn calories and make their body more fit at the same time without posing any risks of injuries. Once you browse around on sites like http://www.treadmillpros.com/. to find a treadmill for you home, or if you decide to go to the gym, you can read below. I have tried out the following 5 treadmill workouts, which have had an extremely positive effect on my overall fitness level.


  • Hill Intervals can be an extremely effective treadmill workout for gaining an extremely toned and strong lower portion of the body. Running on an inclined plane works wonder by burning both the legs and the lungs that definitely helps in enhancing the overall fitness level of the runner. The workout consists of starting out slowly and then gradually increasing the speed and the incline of the running plane. This helps in slowly upping tempo and then keeping it up to cause intense burning of calories in the runner. The exercise culminates in the runner gradually slowing down to the rest level.
  • Treadmill Tabata is another killer treadmill workout, which consists of eight rounds of high intensity workouts lasting for 20 seconds periods interjected by 10-second rest periods. The idea is to perform exercise to one endurance level within the 20-second period and then cool down for the next rest period before again exercising at the peak of endurance level. The high intensity workout helps in burning high amount of calories while the rest period is perfect for cooling down.
  • Upper Body strengthening should be part of top treadmill workouts because most of the time users tend to focus upon their lower body while using this equipment. Users can combine their treadmill with a pair of dumbbells to take care of their entire body at a time. They can alternatively run and use the dumbbells to perform various upper body workouts such as chest press and triceps kickbacks.
  • Agility training is another top workout that users can try on the treadmills. By trying out various exercises such as butt kicks and high knees while keeping the treadmill at the lowest speed, users can greatly increase their speed and agility. Users only need to be cautious for the first few times they try these exercises out, and can greatly increase agility in all parts of their body.
  • Top treadmill workout ought to include full-body workouts because the treadmill can help its users in following a full-body fitness routine. Users use the treadmill for jogging and sprinting purposes, but they can also perform anything from split squats, and lunges to pushups while using this equipment.

Thus, the top 5 treadmill workouts can be extremely effective in helping the users in improving their overall fitness and endurance level. I discovered it benefits myself, and strongly recommend it to others.

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