Dec 10 2012

Well, It’s Time to Upgrade Our Yard

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Well, it’s that time of the year again for the Town of HHDS that cleaning up your yard can be a struggle and and overall difficult task.  We sent our intern out to pick up some power yard tools so we can get our property cleaned up. Specifically, we needed a new hedge trimmer and a new string trimmer. She found a pretty good string trimmer that we’re looking into. Since we have what to look for in these types of power tools, I figured I would post it on our blog to get some feedback.

Here is a review we found online. Please let me know what you all think.

We found that many people have recommended the toro 51486. The product has been very in demand for years.  Of course, you do not just want to rely on these comments. As much as possible, you need to know if this string trimmer is actually the right product you are looking for.

One of the best things about using this trimmer is that it comes with lightweight features. This is perfect for customers who are looking for an easy-to-handle tool. This feature of the product also ensures that with experience or not, you can use the item easily. In addition to that, the string also works very fine and chopping grass. This is different from the other string trimmer you can find on the internet that have strings which easily malfunction. The battery is also easy to charge, which is an added advantage on your part. We found that the battery life lasts longer than the usual trimmers which will allow you to use the toro 51486 for a long period of time, up to three to five hours actually. We suggest you look into the The metal parts of the product are also good for long lasting use. So if you are looking for a strong and durable string trimmer, this is a trimmer that you might want to take a second look at. Though some customers think that this is an expensive product, you have nothing to worry about. The price is well compensated in terms of it’s features.

  • This comes with 24 volts and extra 25% more energy.
  • In addition to that, this also comes with lithium battery which is longer than the usual.
  • This also comes with trimmer to edger fast conversion technology.
  • The handle is highly adjustable.
  • Can be charged for as short as 3 to 5 hours.

If you are looking for highly functional and versatile string trimmer, this might be what your looking for.

Well, tell us what you think. There are so many positive reviews you can find in the internet about this string trimmer that you can get an idea of how happy we might be with it.

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