Sep 04 2012

What is the average price of an Engagement Ring?

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Once the decision to propose to your girlfriend has been made the next trying question is what kind of ring are you going to present to her?  On average, particularly for a diamond engagement ring, jewelry stores sell their engagement rings for roughly $4000.  The same could be said for many of the cheaper Cartier Engagement Rings. Ultimately what you are able to spend is going to determine what you will spend on an engagement ring and if you go away from a diamond ring then that could mean your average price could drop closer to $1500.  The diamond ring is the standard by which many live by but there are certainly other options out there.

Resused from His and Hers Wedding BandsA true average price for an engagement ring is hard to pin down since there are many factors to the actual ring itself.  For example, the style of cut determines what type of price you will have to pay and the size of the diamond.  Wholesale Emerald cut engagement rings can see an average cost that is much higher than the $4000 price because there are numerous sizes available including some that are near six carats and cost close to $100,000.  The same can be said about cushion cut engagement rings (info from as they too range greatly depending on what type of cut is used.  With both diamond ring cuts there is also the different clarity and what type if any flaws the diamond has.  Ultimately you have to look at your own budget and what type of engagement ring you are looking for but be prepared and pay attention to what you are buying because this is an investment for the future.

Emerald cut engagement rings are so named by its original intended use which would be for the emerald, but it does work well on the diamond as well.  Length and width are important in order to have a fine looking cut stone that is rather sophisticated and accented by tImage from creative-occasions.comrim lines.  Though not as brilliant as the round cut it still can have flashes of light with its elegant long lines.  Emerald cut engagement rings can also have accents on each side much like the round, but with the emerald cut is much more economical than the round.  As well as the emerald cut there are cushion cut engagement rings which were originally designed to catch the candlelight.  Cushion cut engagement rings were the first to appear since it was the only way to cut the diamond by hand.  The 58 facets give cushion cut engagement rings a brilliance that many other cuts cannot match.  When deciding on either cushion cut engagement rings or emerald cut engagement rings make sure to check for a certificate from either GIA or EGL.

An engagement ring centered more around the metal than the stone are the rose gold engagement rings.  Rose gold engagement rings have a variety of stones to choose from; of course which stone or stones you choose will determine the price.  Different shapes and sizes are also available with the best rose gold engagement rings.

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